Turkey, Brazil and the Iranian link. What media can do in the world of geopolitics.

OB-XX157_brazil_E_20130619094841Now I’m no fan of Turkey’s prime minster, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Under his watch; Turkey has the most journalists locked in prisons in the entire world and the secularism in Turkey has slowly been eroding away and it’s only getting worse. With recent events, if you’re a protester of these things, you’re met with tear gas and high powered water cannons, with a double amount of police brutality, but if you’re a government supporter, you’re given a free coach ride across the country to a few miles away from Taksim Square and considered to be a rallyist. I guess that’s democracy in the eyes of Erdoğan.

Anyway what does this have anything to do with Brazil and Iran? Well in 2010, Brazil and Turkey decided to speak up and interrupt and distrub U.S’s geopolitics and so that was met with very swift moves at the U.N. by the U.S.

Now exactly three years on, you have Turkey experiencing wide national protests from pretty much all areas – though somewhat surprisingly, the eastern parts being relatively quiet, but I’ll get to that later. Now with the protests in Brazil coined the “Brazilian Spring” exactly like they coined the “Turkish Spring”, simply over bus fair, pretty much the same as in Taksim Square, which was started over a demolition project that was done with no consideration of the communities views.

It’s not that the people in these two countries have no reason to protest, their problems are very critical, but they aren’t alone either. The growing list of countries with major protests increases gradually. I am not saying this is some insane conspiracy that these people are working for the CIA or that they have their hands in these protests – they may do, but I wouldn’t know and I’m not even making such a claim because I don’t even think it’s true. It’s a very simple case of tipping the scales for people and the global media being on top of it like an insect on human excrement. Taking advantage of it and causing influxes in all realms, from social order to financial order, which in geopolitical terms, translates to clout.

For example – pretty much the same time – Sweden experiences riots similar to the London riots that happened in 2011, they both seem to be overwhelmingly out of balance to the context of the actual protest – same as Turkey and Brazil.. The difference is, the media plays them completely differently. Brazil and Turkey is unrest for the government and their treatment of the people, the other is rioters, thugs and just casual “riots”. So in Turkey and Brazil it’s protesters, but in London and Sweden it’s rioters..

Ignoring the media bullshit, and focusing on the real issues and the actual truth; Exactly like Turkey and Brazil. It seems that the growing conception is that all protesters have the same goals in common and protesting together gives more results or an impact. Media wise? Both riots were reported and then moved along, the media spun it to their agenda’s, for example the London rioters were deemed looters, thugs and just criminals and Swedish rioters were immigrants which opened the debate of whether they are worthy to stay in the country. So it seems like it’s a common tactic is to just spin it to the direction that best suits and move on, eventually the opinions and views will do the long term work and the truth will be blurred. This is pure modern day propaganda at work.

This isn’t a extenuation factor here, which is my point. Without banding together nobody gains and picking the right time to mass protest is the key to success, but that’s another topic. The point that is relevant here is; Turkey is unfortunately simply playing into the hands very nicely and that’s why the global media holds a tight grip. Brazil is also falling nicely with the agenda, it’s a country still not fully out of poverty, though gaining increasing wealth, so its people are still at unrest and the coinciding 2014 FIFA World Cup being hosted in Brazil, it’s a notorious thing that gets people riled up when they see big business stepping over small time people. All it takes is some news to get people on the streets, mass tweeting and a broadcast of that same tweet and you’ve got images that just simply piss the hell out of people.

In Turkey, Erdoğan is no angel, he needs to be removed and as soon as the next elections begins his party needs to replace him, or things are going to get far worse. Some argue that a lot of people are voting for him because the opposition parties are just flops and I personally think by chance made a lot of economical progress which is what’s getting him votes.

If these things were simply not the product of themselves, these countries wouldn’t be fighting their own demons and having it exploited. I can only assume one thing and that is either this is all a great coincidence and being exploited nicely by the media, influenced by the powers in charge of it, or it’s another modern day equivalent of the expeditions the CIA did to South America.

Why would the U.S. and it’s allies do this? The actions of Turkey and Brazil at that particular moment in 2010 might not have been the real cliff edge, in fact, it could have been their loosening grip of them both gradually, that was the ultimate trigger. The fear of the U.S. is at an all time low, specially after the Afghanistan and Iraq wars, then the big financial crisis that’s making their polices harder to dictate, which is causing Recep Tayyip Erdoğan to have wet-dreams of a future Neo-Ottoman empire. His behaviour in recent times is all the evidence needed. He was probably no longer cooperating or most probably playing too much hard ball and so if you have someone you can’t control any longer growing stronger, you either push him to oblivion or you lose your chance and have him play cold war with you later on.