Ever thought about how you could set up your own mini cloud at home? Syncthing is essentially that, a powerful synchronization tool.

You install it on your device like a smartphone, set up which directory to synchronize then link it up with your preferred destination, lets say your PC. Capable of working when it’s on a specific network (so it knows not to start trying to synchronize when you connect to some random wifi network), so yes, for example when you get home, have your PC running, it will synchronize your photos from your phone to a folder on your computer. Simple. Smash your phone and you’re pictures are all backed up! Without it going through the internet!


If you require almost instantaneous file change updates then you can change the watching delay from the default 10 seconds to say 1, within the config file. Make sure you’re also changing the correct folder variables.


Make sure fsWatcherEnabled is enabled to true also.


Syncthing Configuration

You can find the SyncThing configuration file at:


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