10 bit, Full Color range, Dolby Vision playback issues

If like me you experienced a green tint when playing DV (Dolby Vision) HEVC video files, it’s most likely because the player you’re using is missing the Dolby Vision codec.


You have a few choices. Firstly you can try and change your media player to something that works. A quick and less ideal solution is to use Microsoft’s Films & TV media player app, which you can get from Microsoft’s play store, combined with Dolby Vision Extensions, some have suggested you may need HEVC Video Extensions for it to work, but I was able to play my video correctly with just the first two.

Secondly, avoid video files that use the DV (Dolby Vision) and stick to HDR10+, why would you when the latter is free and open source anyway, but of course the first time you can call it a learning experience. And – as far as I am aware, it’s not possible to remux a DV video to HDR10+. Re-encoding isn’t out of the picture, although it is time consuming, especially if your file size is quite large. There is quietvoid’s dovi_tool tool that gives a little hope, which I did not fully explore.

The final suggestions I read, but cannot confirm, is your hardware needs to support at least 10-bit and your software needs to have the relevant DV licence(s) aka codecs.


From my understanding and ultimately troubleshooting steps above I believe it’s a software codec issue. At least on my end. The player you’re using is not correctly mapping the colours and in my case trying to play 10 bit video on 8 bit hardware causing the failures.

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