Windows 11: Hiding the annoying “ENG xx” language button on the taskbar

Step 1 – Settings

Open Windows system settings, either going to the start menu and typing “settings” which should be the first option on your search results, or pressing Windows key + I keyboard shortcut.

Step 2 – Settings > Time & Language

On the left, go to ‘Time & Language‘. If you don’t, maybe this instruction is out of date. You could try searching for the next steps as the location may have been changed.

Step 3 – Settings > Time & Language > Typing

Within Time & Language, go to Typing on the list.

Step 4 – Settings > Time & Language > Typing > Advanced keyboard settings

Within Typing, on the list go to Advanced keyboard settings

Step 5 – Settings > Time & Language > Typing > Advanced keyboard settings

Within Advanced keyboard settings, tick the box ‘Use the desktop language bar when it is available‘.

In addition, click on the Language bar options, and make sure the language bar is hidden.

Doing the above should have instantly removed the button the moment you toggled it. If not I would recommend a normal restart and trying these settings again.

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