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scrcpy, displays and allows you to control, in addition record your Android device via PC (with USB debugging enabled)

One of the prerequisites to get scrcpy to work is to activate developer mode and enable USB debugging, of course giving authorization for the device – in this case your PC – access to your Android. Without doing this in advance you’ll not be able to get this to work.

Download scrcpy

GitHub – Genymobile/scrcpy: Display and control your Android device

There’s no installer, just download the latest version, extract it somewhere and that’s it, no need to install adb seperately, as that’s packaged inside the folder. Of course have a look at the steps, as you’ll need to enable USB debugging.

Command-line arguments

Recording needs to be manually turned on, so instead of running the .exe in the folder, you should see a .bat file named “open_a_terminal_here.bat”, run that and the terminal for you to input command-line arguments should appear.

Have a look on the github page for the full list.