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Download Ungoogled Chromium and keep it updated

Step 1) Check your version

First things first, check your current version. Go to your settings on the top right and look for ‘About Chromium’. Or you can simply type:


If you’ve not installed Ungoogled Chromium, obviously skip this step. Once you do install it, this will give you an idea of how far behind you are or will be compared to say Google Chrome after installing Ungoogled Chromium.

Step 2) Download Ungoogled Chromium

Head over to Ungoogled Chromium GitHub page, releases and check the latest version released: https://github.com/ungoogled-software/ungoogled-chromium/releases

You won’t be able to download as it’s just the source code provided, however head over to the below link for the windows download:



Alternatively using winchrome, which compiles a Windows version for us, we can download it over at:


As you’ve checked the version, it’s important to be as close as possible to the release. Ungoogled Chromium strips out any Google code in Chromium, which means there’s a slight delay, and as we’re relying on someone to compile us a Windows version, there’s another delay.

This is not a huge deal if you’re a couple of days behind. Of course it means you’re vulnerable to the latest browser exploits.

Step 3) Keep your extensions up to date.

Extensions do not auto update. If you’re at this point and thinking maybe it’s not worth it, I would suggest using Mullvad Browser or LibreWolf. Or maybe Waterfox or Falkon.

If you’re still fine with the manual process. You will need to download and keep manually updating chromium-web-store in order to use extensions. You can then simply remove and re-add all your extensions to essentially update it.

To update, open ‘Manage extensions’ via the settings or go to:


Check “details” of Chromium Web Store extension that you had downloaded, compare to latest version on GitHub, download if necessary. I like to go to the Chrome Web Store and either compare versions or just remove and re-add my extensions to make sure they’re all on the latest.