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Mozilla Thunderbird

An email client that’s open source and works on Windows. A great alternative to Microsoft Office.

I’ve been using Thunderbird for a few years now and it’s been improving and getting better since I first tried it out. The latest big upgrade has made some drastic visual improvements, making it a lot more visually stylish without making it look too clunky.

The biggest issue I have with it is the lack of an option to choose the column to show the “From” address being the reply-to address or at least some ability to see when you select on the email, the best method would be some checks to make sure it matches, making sure the sender is not spoofed, for example a lot of scam and phishing emails do this. Modern email clients should not have a simple feature like this missing.

On a personal preference, I’d like the client to be able to have the ability to switch profiles more easily or allow profiles to float in tabs.

How to fix emails suddenly displaying in code

You probably will never see this issue occur for you, but if like me you like to achieve quickly, sometimes while it’s indexing and the Windows anti-virus in the background may decide to scan the file and cause an error. Simple solution can be found in the link below.