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Windscreen Repair DIY Tool

I had a small windscreen crack and a really small chip that looked like it could easily be filled with a DIY windscreen repair kit. After purchasing a cheap plastic version that seemed to do the trick, I did regret not paying twice as much and simply buying a metal version, so I thought of posting this and letting others know.

Why? Because plastic can only take so much, compared to metal threads. If you are not willing to go with the Aluminium Kit, then I recommend the budget needle version (linked at the very bottom).


Aluminium Kit

Alternative Kits



Like me, maybe you wanted to just give it a go, see yourself never using something like this again. Well I recommend something like this https://amzn.to/3DtAFH3

Other Related Tools/Kits

You may need a drill to access some spots that the resin cannot get into. A simple heat source can also help, before resorting to a drill, as shown in this video. Also you may want to use a polishing kit simply to polish out very thin scratches. Link below.