Desoldering Braid/Soldering Wick

Looking to buy Desoldering Braid/Soldering Wick and unsure what ones to buy? I was in the same spot and I still kind of am, but after buying my first purchase I kind of have the gist of what I require from my desoldering braid.

Firstly, check out some information on what type of rosins there are. This link helped me, quite quickly:

Choosing the right Desoldering Braid – Equipment, Tools & Supplies / Soldering, Desoldering, Rework Products – Engineering and Component Solution Forum – TechForum │ Digi-Key

It depends on what kind of repairs you’ll use it for. If you tend to use it for more general soldering removal then any 3.5-5mm width roll should do, also with that kind of size you probably would like the braid to contain rosin so as to help you remove the solder much quicker, rather than applying it yourself, plus there’s no harm in applying more if you require. The benefits of this is it speeds up the process, saves on your own rosin and as you’ve got the space to fit the larger roll, I’m assuming you can clean it up after.

Then there’s the ‘No clean’ options, which is probably best for small jobs and you can use whatever kind of rosin you want.

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