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Chromium configuration pages, useful ‘Experiments’ to turn on/off

Chrome/Chromium has an “Experiments” page that you can change some of its features. For example if you do not use the Search tabs function (a little button on the very top right next to the minimize, this is where you are able to switch it off.

Simply type in the address bar:


Another page is called “Chrome URLs”, this has a list of all the internal chrome pages available. It lists pages such as //versions, to see the browser version or the known ones like //extensions, //downloads and the above //flags page. Further below you’ll also see available commands which can be executed by visiting a page, for example chrome://restart/ (as the name implies, it restarts chrome).

‘Experiments’ to turn on/off

QR Generator

I personally disabled the QR Generator, I never used it, if I do suddenly have a need to use it, I can return and switch it on, but for now it seems useless to have on. If I’m sharing something, I’ll just share the URL itself. This is more of a fancy way of sharing something or if you’re using it for posters or flyers and it’s a little too long to type.

Smooth Scrolling

I forced this from default to enabled, I honestly saw no real difference, maybe it was on, but my scrolling still feels like it could be more smoother, anyway.

Experimental QUIC protocol

A new protocol that essentially uses UDP, but improves some of the negatives of UDP and the positives of TCP. In 2021 IETF did release a proposed standard on it so it’s official. The purpose is pretty straight forward, cut down the time it takes to establish connection, thus speed up the whole process and also lesson the the congestion over our lines.

Remove Tabsearch Button

Never used it. It’s the icon that appears left of the minimize button, useful if you want to search tabs, however oddly just searches the tab titles, I guess only useful if you have hundreds of open tabs. Alternatively I much prefer the extension Search all Tabs by lunu.bounir as that actually search all your tabs, as if you’re finding something on a page, but every tab.

Browser Extension: Tab-Snap (Chromium)

Tab-Snap – Chrome Web Store

This browser extension quite simply generates a list of all of your open tabs in your current window with nicely formatted lines for you to copy paste to note somewhere, email or share.

Screenshot of first clicking the extension shortcut on the browser, then viewing site list.

All of this is in text format so you can just adjust or create the list manually and as you go. Another benefit of this is you could copy paste this to any messaging application and not worry about compatibility.

Also included in the copy paste is the timestamp at the top, useful to know when the list was created.

You may be wondering, ok so I copied the list, it’s large so it’s going to be a pain to reopen, well the restore function is there too. Paste exactly what you copied and the extension will automatically open every page in the list.

My thoughts

You may find this browser extension useful if you much prefer getting a simple, raw list and saving it to say your email or notes. No need to sync or require the extension. It does exactly what is needed without making it dependant.

However some people may prefer to use their mouse and hit a button rather than selecting all (CTRL+A and then CTRL+C) to copy/paste the list. Plus having that text in your list is a bit annoying. I’d ditch that, include that out of the frame and include a button, of course thus having both ways still available.

Finally I would improve the look and add a local save option so one could save the lists in named folders similar to bookmarking. Being able to open them up quickly and edit the list would literally mean I would no longer need other tab saving extensions. You could then make another extended extension of this with sync support, for those who prefer it. I personally would replace my tab bookmarking extensions I have for this.