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SearchMyFiles Context Menu addition (for when right clicking within a folder)

As of version 3.16 of SearchMyFiles you can go to Options menu and click the option “Explorer Context Menu” which should add a context menu option to search within for when you right click on a folder.

This is just short of having it easy access, because usually I find myself already in the folder and it is a bit tedious going up and right clicking on the folder that I’d like searched.

Best option here is to add an additional context menu to appear when you just right click while you’re already in there. To do this you’ll need to edit your registry editor, or you can create a regedit script to add it automatically.


Download and save this to your desktop:


Run the script, which should automatically create the below registry lines for you.


Press start and type regedit.msc and hit enter. The Registry Editor should open.

Select all on the address bar, then paste:


On the left folder tree, right click on shell and create “Search Here (SearchMyFiles)” key. On the right side, create a string called “Icon” and set the value data to:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\NirSoft\SearchMyFiles\SearchMyFiles.exe",0

Now right click on the key “Search Here (SearchMyFiles)” you just created and add another key call it “command“. At this point it should look like this:

Now finally, within “command”, edit the default string and set the value data to:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\NirSoft\SearchMyFiles\SearchMyFiles.exe" /SingleBaseFolder "%V"

Should look like this:

You’re done!

What is SearchMyFiles

SearchMyFiles is a nice tool to search in a folder for a specific text, binary or even wildcard. Lets say you have an unorganized list of contact numbers, you’re not sure where the number for a certain person is saved and you have 100’s of sheets or documents. Using SearchMyFiles, you can basically narrow it down if you know the persons name or any string that you can match the result to.

Alternative to Windows Search For Files + Duplicates Search